Tips For Brining Your Creative Vision To Life

When we walk through a store the sight of some of the items on the shelves make us laugh.  This is true in many home improvements and decorating stores where you can find a wide assortment of nick knacks and personalized crafts that sell for a lot of money but could only be pennies and moments to create.  If this is something that you have experienced, then looking into diy arts & crafts may be a way to save a few pennies and explore your creativity.

Pick your main component

Before jumping into crafts, you first want to decide on the main component that you will work with.  This is the main fabric, glass jar, wooden stick or whatever.  It is the base that you will build upon to create your final project. 


Next, you want to pick your mediums you want to work with.  There are hundreds of different mediums to work with and depending on your talent, budget and desire to work with them you can create some amazing projects with them.  Some mediums are paint, clay, metal, oils, wax and so much more.  As you pick and choose your mediums think of different and unique ways they can go together.

Shock and amaze people

While working on these projects think of ways to shock and amaze people.  One of the last things you want to do is copy something exactly as you see it or have seen it.  If you are going to do this then why not save yourself the time and effort and just buy the one you saw. 

diy arts & crafts

When working with arts and crafts you have the freedom to take an idea and create your own vision.  This version can be better, the same or in some cases worse.  No matter how it turned out though, it will be your original work and something that you should be proud of.